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Q:  What kind of counseling services does New Steps Counseling offer?
A:  New Steps Counseling offers Intensive In-Community (IIC) Counseling services for children and youth (5-21 years of age) through the NJ Children’s System of Care. Referrals come from PerformCare, the contracted agency for NJ. (Medicaid funded service). Contact PerformCare for Assistance: 24 Hours a Day – 7 Days a Week: 1-877-652-7624.

***New Steps also offers outpatient counseling services by appointment only for Individuals, Couples, and Families. Please contact us for availability and to make an appointment.***

Q:  What kind of speaking engagements does Dr. Randolph D. Sconiers (Dr. S) offer for youth?
A:  Dr. S offers the following speaking presentations:

  • “Activating Your Dreams”: Randolph intense dialogue with youth about the importance of activating their dreams. He discusses the action aspect that so many youth neglect at they dream of becoming great. Randolph provides strategies centered on the importance of education, planning, determination, courage, and encouraging young people to never giving up on their hopes and dreams!
  • “11-Steps of Empowerment for Young People”: Randolph provides an 11-point guideline to helping young people become empowered to change their lives in a positive way. His intimate approach and understanding of the issues unique to young people allows him to captivate an audience with the passion, professional expertise, and empathetic approach to motivate young people toward a mindset of Empowerment!
  • “Hip Hop and It’s Influence on Behavior”: Randolph creates a comfortable and socially safe atmosphere for young people to discuss the influence of Hip-Hop on Behavior. How does it impact communication? How does it impact socialization? How does the information we input impact the behaviors we output? Randolph teaches the concept of “Critical Thinking” skills that encourages young people to be Mindful consumers of what’s positive and being cautious of what’s negative in order to make good decisions about their lives.

Q:  What kind of consultation services does New Steps Counseling offer?
A:  New Steps Counseling offers mental and emotional health consulting services for children, adolescents, and adults. New Steps also offers educational and career consulting services.

Q:  What kinds of groups does New Steps Counseling offer?
A:  New Steps Counseling offers several different groups for youth. All of our groups are small in size and include 6-8 participants per group.
New Steps Counseling offers several different groups for youth. All of our groups are small in size and include 6-8 participants per group.

We currently offer the following:

  • Social skills groups (Character Education group for students ages 7-10).
  • Project: EmpowerMENt (Male Empowerment group for young men ages 12-17).
  • Character Crazy (Character Education group for students ages 7-10).

Q:  What is the fee for individual and group sessions?
A:  A consultation is free of charge. The cost of sessions will vary depending on the need and treatment model utilized. New Steps Counseling considers the number of sessions needed and income when determining cost of sessions. Typically individual sessions range from $85.00-$120.00 per session for a 45-minute session.

*Group rates are $35.00 per session. Groups are facilitated for 6-8 weeks.

Q:  What are the credentials of New Steps Counseling therapists?
A:  New Steps Counseling therapist are all New Jersey Licensed Social Workers (LSW & LCSW), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), or Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT).

Q:  What treatment models and approaches are used by New Steps Counseling therapist?
A:  New Steps Counseling therapist specialize in a range of treatment models. Some of the models used are: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychotherapy, Solution-focused treatment, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Strengths-based approach, Trauma-focused therapy, Psycho-educational treatment.

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