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Leave a Legacy

Monday, November 26th, 2012

My grandfather Pastor Rudolph Pleasant Sr. left a legacy or a blueprint for others to follow and appreciate. His legacy of expectations, character traits, and standards was passed down to future generations. A legacy is not perfection because no man walking this earth has achieved such an accomplishment. We all have flaws but this is more about your daily walk. My “pop pop” as we called him expected future generations to walk in excellence, move with integrity, talk with character, and have a relationship with God that was personal as well as undeniable. My question to you is “What will you legacy be?” You are already writing it, currently living it, and people are watching it develop every day. So be mindful of your walk, be thoughtful in your talk, and most importantly fill in the gaps starting today with a renewed focus. Leave a blueprint that is without question a legacy of high regard for generations and generations to carry on long after your time has passed. Leave a Legacy that starting today!

Activate your Faith!

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Super Storm Sandy was a event that devastated the lives of so many people. It was also a faith tester. Since the storm hit we have seen countless stories of people activating their faith. They first believe they will overcome the many obstacles facing them and secondly there is a clear understanding that a lot of work must get done. You have to understand that Faith alone will not accomplish much but when it’s activated by hard work, determination, focus, and positive energy God steps in to fill that void. Faith can be activated today by just doing the little things as you build your Faith reserve to do the incredible! Activate your Faith today!

The Mirror!

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

One day you wake up and decide that enough is enough. You look into the mirror and say it “I’m going to accomplish my goals, live my dreams, and overcome the obstacles that are holding me back”. No one else responds but you…now is the time to push forward. The challenge is to start every day by looking in the mirror and believing that you can walk in purpose and accomplish remarkable things. Do you know why? The mirror told you so.

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