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Running from your Purpose to chase your Dreams?

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012
We all have experienced that moment in time when we day dream of owning that large home, that car we always wanted, or being rich. So we start on a mission to actualize these dreams only to feel tired, stressed, and disappointed with obstacles we face in the process. What’s not working? Why does it seem others are able to achieve their dreams so easily? Maybe I don’t have what it takes to get there! These questions and thinking patterns are common. The answers may have more to do with alignment. When you take a closer look at your dreams, as yourself “Am I following my purpose?”. The concept of purpose is something divine. It’s more than any material item you could ever purchase and it has more to do with your existence. Why were you placed on this earth? Are you completing the work that was set out for you to accomplish? The final point would be this…instead of chasing your dreams begin to seek out your purpose. The dreams and hopes you have will begin to actualize as a function of fulfilling a much greater destiny. 
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